Plastic Core Box is a brand that produces innovative containers that ensure the orderly storage and transportation of drilling samples. With our ability to access any drilling operation worldwide and our outstanding service at competitive prices, we can supply high quality core boxes in any quantity and on demand. Since we have a large stock inventory, we can ship quickly.

   We understand the drilling industry's requirements very well and experience the same challenges as you. We offer solutions to fully meet your needs on our website. With years of experience, we offer industry professionals high quality core boxes made from pure and recycled materials. We aim for product quality that will serve you for many years with an environmentally friendly, durable and strong core box design. We supply tens of thousands of core boxes, core trays, core separators and chip boxes to Australia, Asia, Middle East, Europe, America and Africa each year.

   As one of the key players in the rapidly developing mining industry and drilling industry, we would be delighted to cooperate with you. Please contact us for any product request or question. We attach great importance to customer satisfaction and offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. As the Plastic Core Box brand, we are proud to be your reliable and expert partner to meet your core box needs.

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