Triaqua Pums stands out as a leading brand in mud pumps. Specializing in high performance, durability and reliability, Triaqua offers complete solutions to the needs of the industry with its mud pumps, accessories and spare parts. With its innovative designs and superior quality, Triaqua Pums guarantees excellent performance in mud pumps. You can get the best in mud pumps by working with the Triaqua brand without hesitation.


Our company, which produces spare parts of the leading brands of drilling machines used worldwide, stands out in the sector with high quality and reliability. With our wide range of products, we offer spare parts designed to keep drilling rigs running smoothly. Innovation, durability and excellent performance are key features of the solutions we provide to our customers. With our professional team and international trade experience, we offer our customers a fast and effective service worldwide.


Plastic Core Box is a leading brand that provides safe storage of drilling samples with high quality and environmentally friendly core boxes. We supply tens of thousands of core trays, core separators and chip boxes to the mining and drilling industries in Australia, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, America and Africa. Made from pure and recycled materials, our durable and strong core box designs offer long-term use and top performance.

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