Koschker is an international trading company based in Ankara. It mainly operates in sectors such as drilling machines, drilling machine parts, mud pumps. It also conducts international trade in various fields such as technology, food, software and health.

Koschker manufactures drilling rigs, parts and mud pumps at its Ankara facility. It also trades products for other sectors.

Koschker exports its products all over the world. Our products are sent to many countries in different continents in accordance with high quality standards.

Koschker adopts the highest quality standards in the products it manufactures. The products, which are meticulously controlled at every stage of the production process, provide customers with high performance and durability. Our quality policy focuses on keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level.

Koschker conducts its own R&D studies. It continuously improves its products by following the developments in the sector. In addition, we support our R&D process and increase the performance of our products by evaluating the feedback from our customers.

Koschker provides fast and high quality after-sales support to the whole world. We provide our customers with the necessary information and support for the installation, use and maintenance of our products. We also stand by our customers in matters such as spare parts supply and technical support.

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