Koschker International Trade Center

We were established in Ankara in 2013 as an international trading company called Koschker. In the beginning, we mainly operated in sectors such as drilling rigs, parts and mud pumps, but over time we started to do international trade in many areas from technology to food, from software to health.


We believe in the high quality of Turkish workmanship and honest working principles. We strive to promote Turkish made production to the world, and we do this in accordance with the highest quality standards. Our products are meticulously controlled at every stage of the production process, from the raw material to the final condition, and tested according to all conditions. In this way, we are proud to offer our customers high quality and reliable products.


Our R&D studies start with making strict observations about the use of our products in the field. User feedback is an important resource for the further development of our products. In this way, we ensure that our products are user-friendly, safe and high-performance.


We export our products all over the world. In our export process, we offer different logistics solutions such as land, sea, air and rail transportation in order to understand the needs of our customers and deliver on time. By working with the best logistics companies in the world, we always focus on providing quality and fast service.


Customer satisfaction is the basic principle of our business. We offer our after-sales support all over the world in order to respond to the needs of our customers in the fastest and highest quality way. We have a strong and experienced team and we always strive to provide our customers with the highest standards of service.


At Koschker, we always take an innovative and forward-looking approach to become a leader in international trade and grow with our customers. We are happy to offer quality and reliable products to everyone who wants to open up to the world from Turkey.

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